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Wilkinson Sword // Hydro Lines

We were asked to "man up" the brand identity of the Hydro Line of the Wilkinson brand on the POS, OOH and on social media channels. The client asked for a provocative approach, and they didn't have to ask twice.  We created razor-sharp lines that will definitely get the attention they deserve. Picking up the most recent topics that the society talked about. Caution: It could get wet!





Brand Identity

Wilkinson Sword


Michael Collins Rocks

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-01 um 18.29.14.png

To bring out the positive benefits of the Hydro line was the main quest, so we needed to be sharp, smooth, precise, quick but most of all wet! 

We wanted to "shock" the people but also make them smile a second later. So we gave every line a harsh start (attention grabber) but a funny twist at the end. You want a sample? Sure:

"Wetter than your the pool! The Wilkinson Hydro Line"



There are still clients out there that dare to be different and dare to be bold. Good to know that there is still hope.

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