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Nissin // Asian Blast

When our Japanese friends asked if we could help them reposition their brand in Europe, we shouted "BANZAI". In close collaboration with Hakuhodo and Michael Collins Rocks we have developed a 360° campaign around the products Cup Noodles and Nissin Soba.


Brand Relaunch


Nissin Foods Europe



Nissin TYGR agency Alexander Schukowski Keyvisual

Nissin is the Albert Einstein in the Asian Instant Food scene, not only that they invented the concept of the cup, they also sent the thing into space. And seriously who doesn't want to work for someone named Momofuko Ando?!

We worked our way through all topics like brandmission, concept art of the keyvisuals, OOH activations, social media concepts, video ads for all channels and completely new CI development, like a yokozuna at a sumo tournament.

Nissin TYGR agency Alexander Schukowski

#Send Noods


No really... SEND NOODS!  And because our first project went so well, we will continue what we started also with the other product lines.

So: Yukō!

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